This is an island of outstanding natural beauty, a blend of lush tropical hillsides with white sandy undisturbed beaches protected by one of the longest coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Located in the heart of the Grenadines, Canouan is one of the Caribbean’s most up and coming Caribbean destinations. Canouan lies directly 18 miles south of Mustique and three miles north of the Tobago Cays in the southern Caribbean. It is one of the 32 islands that make up St Vincent and The Grenadines.

Canouan island is just five square miles and formerly a community of some 700 farmers and fishermen. “The local population still includes fishermen, proud of their community heritage as boat builders and harvesters of the sea. Laughter prevails as a vital ingredient of this community, and the sounds of happy children and elders create a feeling into an easier place and time. Canouan manages to retain a distinct quality inherited from another time in history”. (excerpt from Grenadine Air Alliance magazine 2015)

Bibiluna is a private “Golf Villa” located on the 1200 acre Grenadines Estate which includes the fabulous golf course and an “occasional” luxurious hotel on Godahl beach. The Grenadines Estate is a small community of some 20 elegantly luxurious private properties nestled on the hillside, all with magnificent sea-views. Bibiluna Villa guests enjoy the facilities of the Canouan 5*Resort.